Poem: On Gentle Ground

On Gentle Ground

Gentleness is the host
of peace and happiness.

Gentleness requires great strength.

Gentleness is the place
for reflection and thanksgiving,
a place for direction.

Gentleness can be displayed
in the being of actions.

Gentleness is the greatest companion
of old age.

Gentleness opens the door
of a hundred faces,
the greatest attraction of friendship.

Gentleness speaks when anger cannot.

Gentleness is the music of love.

Gentleness is the instrument of understanding.

Gentleness remains longer and stronger
than the storm.

Gentleness is the voice of consciousness.

Gentleness is the quiet before dawn.

Gentleness is the calm of living
and becomes the greatest loss when gone.

© K. S. Brown 9/12/22

Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown
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