Poem: The Cedar Tree

The Cedar Tree

I feel the chill from the southland
The days have been warm
with the summer smell from the cedar tree
penetrating afternoon aromas
with peace and rest.

The chill brings the call of colder days
with rain dampening summer stillness
and dancing on beach sands.

I remember great ships
with their hulls ploughing the high seas,
water gushing forth with the load of many
on the way to distant ports.

Waves would have their own rhythms
creating a long polyrhythm
both gentle and strong
as the white moon opened its gentle light
on the darkest night upon the sea.

In a pattern of eternal lines
morning birds would fly their flight,
steady and graceful.

The clanging of bells and the sounds of shore
would herald the port call, deafening on arrival
with chaos and shambles driving the visitor
to a quieter place where the cedar tree of summer bliss
would call again to sit in its presence
and hum to the middle being within.

© K. S. Brown 5/12/22

Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown
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