The Poetry page is designed to present Kelvin’s individual poetry pieces both current and previous. Below are the three poetry books under the Collector of Words title available for purchasing and delivery.

Collector Of Words (Vol 1)

Collector Of Words (Vol 2)

Collector Of Words (Vol 3)

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The latest book, The Poet is the exciting large production being completed for distribution in the near future. It features two books, An Approach to God and Face to Face based on a set of poems of their own volition.

Kelvin’s poetry is in two categories. One group of poems belong to the heart, the soul and the spirit. The other are matters of Kelvin’s own observations relating to daily life which are yet to be published in a single edition.

Collections of individual pieces are curated regularly for display here.

The story of Kelvin’s poetry is that when he was sitting with his teacher Shri Prabhakar Keshav Sardeshmukh Maharaj in Pune, Maharashtra, India he was told he would become a writer. 

Kelvin said this would never happen as he was very occupied with music and all it’s demands. He was 40 at the time. A year later his first poem arrived and all he had to do was write it down, Say Nothing.

Now hundreds of poems have been written and through Dr Kaul of Delnet India he has been granted a life membership of the Poetry Society of India.

Kelvin’s books were first launched in Australia in Melbourne at the Victorian Arts Centre through a grant from the Australia Indian Institute in the form of several of his poems being set to Indian dance by Tara Rajkumar OAM and Indian music by Jitendra Kulkani and Kelvin Brown

Here is a quote from Tagore Comes Alive in Victoria by Damien Forster 

“A unique confluence of art and culture is unveiled at the Victorian College of the Arts

 On Saturday 23rd March 2013 a bold new experiment in cross-cultural arts was unveiled at the Victorian College of the Arts in the esteemed Southbank arts precinct of Melbourne.

“Tagore’s Vision – The Poetry of India”, was the brainchild of Artistic Director Tara Rajkumar OAM.

The production skilfully combined a diverse blend of artistic and cultural elements including Australian poetry, classical Indian dance, contemporary movement, original music and the famous poetry of India’s Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

In their opening addresses, both the distinguished hosts Professor Amitabh Mattoo, Director of the AII; and Professor Barry Conyngham, Dean, Faculty of the VCA and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music of the University of Melbourne, made specific reference to the importance of this event as a symbol of the partnership between the AII and the VCA. 

Both institutions affirmed their aims to promote cultural exchange between Australia and India through artistic partnership.

They also released three volumes of Collector of Words, poems by Australian poet, Kelvin Brown.”

Poetry Meditations

A poem read directly from the page is the purest and effective form of reaching the heart. It is said that poetry is the highest form of music. Both have emotive forces.

There have been occasions for me where music has inspired the poem and Poetry Meditations consists of those poems and their music. They have been a meditation for me putting music, imagery and words into an extended creative force, each form enhancing the other.

As expressed on these pages I have always been involved in ways to create performance poetry. Reciting poems, creating dance to the poetry and adding poetry to a media presentation have been exciting mannerisms to present poetry in its many costumes.

I sincerely hope you enjoy each poetry presentation with its music and imagery.

Poetry Meditation 1 – A Deeper Light

Screen photos provided by Pawel Kalisinski, Daniel Torobekov, 7 inches, Nishant Vyas, Med Gadon, Daniel Battersby from Pexels. Music sung by Diva Premal with backing by Miten, Manose and special guest Maneesh de Moor.

Poem by Kelvin Brown.

Poetry Meditation 2 – A Belonging of Divinity

Screen photos provided by Suryaansh Maitha, Imad, Yaser Nabi, Saif 71, Vraj Shah, Music from the album ILLUMINATION, Gregorian Chants arranged by Dan Gibson. Poem by Kelvin Brown.

Dr H K Kaul was an internationally acclaimed Library and Information Science expert, author, editor, poet, mentor, bibliographer and institution builder of DELNET, developing Library Network in 1988 and the Poetry Society of India working from New Delhi, India.

Poetry Meditation 3 – Midday Lullaby

Screen photos provided by Carlos Torres, Charu Chaturvedi, Denis Oliveria, Engin Akyurt, Gautam Arora, Maddy Weiss, Mus Lihat, Sandip Karangiya, Sonika Agarwal, Yogesh Sahu from Unsplash, Arturo David, Marctutor, Miguel Rodriguez.

Music Om Shree Rama Mantra sung by Diva Premal with backing by Miten, Manose and special guest Maneesh de Moor. Poem by Kelvin Brown.

Poetry Meditation 4 – Verses of Love

Screen photo Niagara Falls. Music Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission soundtrack by Ennio Morricone.

Poem by Kelvin Brown.