The Mystical album is Kelvin Brown’s latest album consisting of previous songs remastered and rearranged, as well as new songs and the instrumentals.

It is a beautiful album whose music instantly takes us to another place away from the normal day and into a place of reflection and mystery.

It is being released at the same time as Kelvin’s first album East Light, now remastered, as a comparison between the two.

Lullaby composed by Sree Archana Maa. Yearning composed by Sree Thakur plus Origin composed by Jitendra Kulkani and Kelvin S. Brown. All other titles are composed, arranged and produced by Kelvin S. Brown.

Indian adaptions by Jitendra Kulkani.
Mastered by Neville Clark, Disk Edits, Adelaide.
Photography by Olha Ruskykh (Pexels)

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