It was in July 2012 I began the opening piano chords upon which I built the whole structure of sounds representing places in space as if on a voyage. I was imagining my father passing through space. He was to have a heart valve replaced in August and had passed the complex tests at the age of ninety-four. Unfortunately, it became true a few days before his 95th birthday on 25th August.

The work is divided in five sections with the opening guitar sounds reappearing before the final choir session. There is the opening with the horn themes interspersed with floating sounds which leads into the second section featuring a pipe theme, a third section where a lead guitar sounds, the repeat opening fourth section and finally choral sounds ending with waves splashing on the coast with children’s voices playing.

The temporal existence is measured by the constant Tibetan bell ringing in beats of time. The whole mystery pronouncing itself in space is a journey in itself, but the ending beach sounds displays the constant juxtaposition between the ethereal and material worlds happening at the same time.

The poem Sunset in Space was formed by the music explaining the events thus forming a complete work combining musical and poetical forms and imagery.

The complete remastered version was completed this first day of August 1923.