An Indian Road – Performed by EastLight

Written and composed by Kelvin Brown
Indian instrumental additions by Jitendra Kulkhani.

Music arrangements: Kelvin Brown and Jitendra S Kulkani
Indian lyrics: Jitendra S Kulkani, Umesh Moghe, Mohankumar Bhandari and Amol Bakshi


  • Mohankumar Bhandari (and family) for their support in India.
  • Naval Surty, family and friends.
  • Neville Clark of Disk-Edits, Adelaide for his dedication of time and support in mixing and mastering the album.
  • Jitendra Kulkani for his musical and lyrical support and all his friendly musicians.
  • Shashi Jain, Seema Sreekumar and Meena Banerjee for their translation assistance.
  • Priya Amit for her support and artistic direction.

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